Jono Alderson

By Jono Alderson (@jonoalderson)

What's changed?

A tool for quickly understanding significant changes in campaign, channel, keyword and page performance - save hours by highlighting the biggest changes in your GA data and cutting straight to the chase!

How's it work?

Choose the GA account and profile, and set the date ranges for the periods you'd like to compare (defaults to comparing the last two months). GA access is read-only, and the application doesn't collect your data or login details. PS: Be sure to set equivalent date ranges (e.g., a full month vs. a full month, or you may get odd results)!

Release Notes & Known Bugs

This tool is still under heavy development, and is likely to produce all manner of nasty bugs and unexpected behaviours (don't worry though, your data and account is safe!) - please report any bugs to [email protected] and I'll attempt to diagnose and resolve as time permits.

On hold
Alpha 1.3 release
More metrics and dimensions, better handling (and re-inclusion) of percentile metrics, highlights/charts
Alpha 1.2 release
Data sorting, searching, filtering and export. More dimensions, metrics and filtering, sleeker user interface
Alpha 1.0 release
Basic querying capability, with some limited dimension and metric selections

Known Bugs

  • No input validation - expect nasty errors on invalid date selections, account access errors, number crunching, etc.

Grant read-only access to your Google Analytics account